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What a cracker of a year!

December 17, 2018


We’ve had a cracker of a year.

And we’re pretty proud of how many happy customers we’ve served throughout the last 12 months. Just to put into perspective what goes on behind the scenes, here are a few interesting facts to sum up the year:

  • Our transportable homes travelled 2,350 kms,
  • Our carpenters put in 12,500 handcrafted hours,
  • We constructed around 50,000 lineal metres of timber framing,
  • And our team must have consumed about 1500 (give or take) pies to fuel them through some busy days.

We think that’s a productive year. A year spent working with our customers to give them exactly what they need. And another year of perfecting our trade.

We’ve taken our service above and beyond to cater for the following scenarios.

  • With the rental property WOF due to start mid 2019, we’ve replaced homes that would be too expensive to renovate in order to pass the WOF. Replacing the existing rental with a transportable home has become a great option for property owners which can save on overall costs.
  • We’ve dealt with property developers who have been tasked with subdividing small homes on big sections. We transported homes into the backyard and managed these projects from subdivision consent to letterbox (completion), making less work for the property developer.
  • There are now lots of contented retirees who have downsized into one of our transportable homes, in their most ideal New Zealand location.
  • For a local Tauranga property developer, we built two affordable units directly onsite using Ezyline’s standard plans that offered a real cost saving to the customer.
  • We’ve built many practical, cosy homes for farm managers. And countless holiday homes for section owners.


Farm maners home

  • We’ve served customers in remote areas where there is a lack of local building companies to complete the job.

Remote location


  • We’ve helped a gentleman retire onto his Iwi land and downsize from his existing home. Giving him less time with house maintenance, and more time for enjoying his free time.

Iwi land


  • For an Auckland landowner, we’ve put two transportable homes on his land, one for him to stay in whilst away from Auckland and the other for a passive income.

Rental property 2


  • For an expanding college, we custom built a classroom exactly how the school needed it to serve their students.

school (3)


  • We had a customer who was ready for add-ons to their existing transportable home. We built a similar home with 2 bedrooms, lounge and an en suite which was positioned next to the existing home and joined by a breezeway which also functioned as a front door and entry way. A very cheap way of expanding and wasn’t disruptive to the owner.

Add on (3)


  • To give people a real taste for our homes, we built one for our Fieldays exhibition. It was a fun project that we could show people around. And it went down a treat.



Take a look at our location map to see where our homes are currently standing proud, delighting our customers.

Where we have been


If one of these resembles your scenario, it’s worth having a chat with us.

Our well earned Christmas break will be starting from 21st Dec, and we’ll be back on 14th Jan. We’d love to talk to you.

But until then, we’d like to wish you a festive holiday and a Merry Christmas.

From all the team at Ezyline Homes

Ph: 07 572 0230