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Baches are great for bringing the family together for the holidays, aren’t they?

They’re also a good source of income when you rent them out.

The trouble is, invariably when you and your family want to use your bach, you’re missing out on

valuable peak season rental income. You’re forced to choose between family time and easy

But if you happen to own a bach that’s sitting on a decent sized section, perhaps you can have
the best of both worlds.


By building a new transportable home for your spare land.

Yes, why not own two baches instead on one? Make the most of your valuable land, increase
your rental income, and provide extra space for family and friends.

Sound appealing? Read on to learn more.

Add a secondary dwelling and use a transportable home

A secondary dwelling is where you add a small home within the boundaries of your established
home and property. So both houses are on the same title and will share vehicle access. There’s
no need for complicated and costly subdividing. And done well – and in accordance with local
regulations – it’s a great option for adding another bach on your land.

Transportable homes make great secondary dwellings. They’re generally cheaper to construct
than starting from scratch because they utilise off-site building and systemised construction.

Here’s why our transportable homes are a simple, low hassle method of building a bach.


Zero Project Management

Because we build off-site there’s no need to organise and manage tradies to build your new
home. We do all of that for you. Other than connecting to services, there is nothing to do on site.
You’re obviously more than welcome to come by our yard to see the progress on your house as
we build it, — anytime.


Try before you buy

You’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Our show-homes are open for viewing. Use it as a base
for your own ideas then customise the space for exactly what you need. It means no space is
wasted and you’re not paying more unnecessary extras.


Minimal disruption time

As it only takes a couple of weeks to install, there will be minimal construction on site, as
opposed to months with regular builds. It also means you can carry on using your bach or
renting it and not losing out on the rental income. Plus, your neighbours will love you for it.


Take it from these guys

It’s been tried and tested. Lots of times. But have a read of The Connolly’s case study and how
they used transportable homes for their baches. Their story gives you a very factual take on
what it’s like to deal with a transportable home.


No Stress

Because we take care of the management and construction of your home, there is nothing for
you to do until the house arrives on your site.

We keep you well informed and all you have to worry about is the more important things like
fishing and planning the next holiday.


Could this be the next project, ready for next summer? If we’ve sparked an interest with you,
then please give us a call or drop us an email – we’d love to hear from you.

Wallace and the team.