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Does choosing paint colours for your home seem hard?

Slight white, off white, black white…who knew there were so many shades of white! And if you don’t go with a shade of white, what colour should you go with?

If you find yourself staring at shades on a colour chart with no idea where to start you’re not alone.

But thankfully help is out there. Michelle is a colour expert at Resene. A colour wizard, Michelle has given us a snapshot of trends and helpful tips to choosing flawless colours for your home.

Here’s Michelle’s advice…


What’s on-trend?

It’s safe to say that 2018 on-trend colours follow on from previous years. Yep, immaculate whites and neutral colours are here to stay.

You might yawn, but here is the theory…

By choosing a shade of white for the majority of your interior walls, you can introduce your fave colours through feature walls, cushions, artwork, furniture and soft furnishings. This way when you’re bored of the colour or no longer like it, it is easily changed. Makes sense right?


How to pick a shade of white

Picking a shade of white comes down to the natural light you get in your home. Newer homes are generally designed and built to capture as much natural light as possible. Older homes might be a little darker.

Due to more natural, warm sunlight, newer homes tend to go for a more grey-white shade, such as these:

Resene_Sea_Fog Resene_Alabaster Resene_Black_White

Homes with not so much natural light is better off with a warm, beige-white like these to make up for the lack of natural light.

Resene_Rice_Cake Resene_Villa_White Resene_Orchid_White


What level of sheen to use?

The level of sheen (or gloss) depends on the state of your walls, trims and doors.

Typically we use low sheen on the walls and ceilings. And when it comes to trims, skirtings and doors you can choose from semi or high gloss.

If you’re after a luxury feel and your doors are in perfect condition, use high-gloss. It oozes amazing richness.

If doors are old and a bit rougher, a semi-gloss gives a great end result.

Choosing a colour for all your ceilings, trims, skirtings and doors is easy. Take the colour of your walls and get the paint people to lighten it. You can ask for a quarter or a half which makes it a whiter shade. It creates a wonderful continuity of colour throughout your home.


Are feature walls still a thing?

They sure are. Very on-trend.

Feature walls are a chance to show your wild side. They’re meant to be bold, show off your colourful style and create a room with personality. And because you’ve gone with white in the rest of the house you can totally pull off a funky feature wall to complement.

But what colours are in?

If you’re a blue lover then try Resene colours ‘Nocturnal’ or ‘Dark Side’. Or, if you’re into earthy tones go for Resene colour ‘Diesel’, it’s got a deep gorgeous red tone.

Resene_Nocturnal Resene_Diesel Resene_Dark_Side


Now to those exterior paint colours

Have you heard of Light Reflectance Value (LRV)?

It’s something to bear in mind when picking exterior colour for your home.

LRV is the reflectance score given to a colour. 0% = Black and 100% = pure white. There are restrictions in place when painting the outside of your house. The colour you use should be 40% LRV or more so that the paint can perform at it’s best.

What are Resene’s top 3 colours for exterior?


Resene_Quarter_Tapa Resene_Silver_Chalice Resene_Truffle


Deciding on colours is a tough task.

Hopefully we’ve made it slightly easier and you can press on with the more important things like organising the house warming party.

Want personal advice on paint colours? Give Michelle at Resene Tauranga a call on 07-578 4169. She knows her stuff and is an absolute joy to work with.