Less Hassle

Forget about having to manage a building site.
Get on with daily life, while we build your home off-site.

Clean And Tidy Property

Builders can be messy critters (we should know!).
Off-site construction avoids all the mess associated with building from the ground up.

Save Money

As these homes are built in a controlled, permanent site there are no onsite overheads like scaffolding or fencing, there's less travel for our employees and subcontracts/suppliers, there are less rain-off days and no wasted materials.

Save Time

Why pay for each builder and sub-contractor to drive to your building site each day?
Build your home off-site with us and we’ll spend more time building, less time driving.
Our builders and all of their equipment such as scaffolding, are permanently set up at our yard – they achieve maximum productivity each day!

Keep Your Options Open

Are your plans set in concrete? (literally).
Transportable homes can be sold on or moved again because they sit on piles.


These homes are more environmentally friendly to build than most on site builds as there is less wasted material, less travel required for subcontractors and suppliers and being a controlled site more measures can be put in place to prevent pollution of the environment.


The first step is to view our plans or call  07 572 0230