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Why Transportable?

5 reasons to choose a transportable home

Our transportable homes are built in our yard at Mount Maunganui, then transported to your property.

Here’s why we love building off-site

1. Less Hassle

  • Forget about having to manage a building site
  • Get on with daily life, while we build your home off-site

2. Keep Your Property Clean And Tidy

  • Builders can be messy critters (we should know!)
  • Off-site construction avoids all the mess associated with building from the ground up

3. Save Money

  • Why pay for each builder and sub-contractor to drive to your building site each day?
  • Build your home off-site with us and we’ll spend more time building, less time driving
  • Our builders and all of their equipment such as scaffolding, are permanently set up at our yard – they achieve maximum productivity each day!

4. Save Time

  • Our builders and all of our tools are at our yard, making for quicker build time

5. Keep Your Options Open

  • Are your plans set in concrete? (literally)
  • Transportable homes can be sold on or moved again because they sit on piles

Ready to get started?

Call me (Wallace) on 07 572 0230 and let’s talk


Our 5-step process

  1. Choose Your Plan
  2. Finalise The Design
  3. Construction
  4. Transportation
  5. Finishing Touches

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