Buying an Ezyline home is a 5-step process
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This stage helps us provide a finalised price for the construction of your new house.

  • Choose your preferred plan from our range
  • Talk to us about changing this plan to suit your section, the morning sun etc
  • Review our preliminary drawings of your revised plan
  • Explore your colour options for the following aspects of your new house
    • Walls (interior and exterior)
    • Doors (interior and exterior)
    • Windows & Joinery
    • The Roof
    • Spouting/Guttering
    • Fascia Board & Soffit
    • Kitchen Tops & Cabinetry

This is the first step towards turning your plans into reality.

  • Review and sign our 2-page sale and purchase agreement
  • Confirm your colour options (so that we can order materials)
  • Make your first payment of $5000, this will allow us to:
    • Finalise your plans with our qualified draftsman
    • Apply for a consent to build the property at our yard in Mount Maunganui
  • The building consent can take up to 6 weeks, after which we can move to the next stage

This stage can begin once we have our building consent.

  • You’ll make your second payment, which is 10% of the total build price
  • We’ll begin construction of your new house at our yard in Mount Maunganui
  • Once the roof is on, you’ll make your third payment, which is 30% of the total build price
  • Once we’re ready to start stopping & painting, you’ll make your fourth payment, which is 40% of the total build price
  • Once we’ve completed your house, you’ll make your fifth and final payment, which is the balance owing (20% of the build price, less the $5000 paid upfront)
  • After you’ve made your final payment, the house is ready for the transporter to collect


  • Throughout the construction process above we will invite you on-site to review our work
  • Before completion and your final payment the following will have to be arranged:
    1. Site plan drawings including positioning and drainage details
    2. A building consent from your local authority (based on the site plan drawings)
    3. A transport company to deliver the house to your site
    4. The connecting of utilities at your new site (eg, phone, internet, power and water)

We can put you in touch with people to help with all of the above – just ask!

Once the building is delivered and connected, you’ll want to add the finishing touches to your house like

  • Any decking
  • Base cladding
  • Carpet and fixed floor coverings
  • Appliances
  • Curtains or drapes

We can organize all of these, we will discuss your options with you.

Insulation (floor | walls | ceiling), Double glazed windows,Gib stopping and painting,Plumbing and bathroom hardware,Toilet cistern | bath and shower,All sinks & tap-ware (bathroom | kitchen | laundry),Kitchen cabinetry,A hot water cylinder,Weather Board Cladding on Cavity System


The first step is to view our plans or call  07 572 0230