Wondering whether a relocatable home is a good option for you?

There are many reasons people opt for relocatable homes (or, as we like to call them, transportable homes).

To save money. To save hassle. To save time.

All great reasons.

But in the end, only you can decide whether it’s the best option for you (at Ezyline we swear by them of course).

So, to help your decision-making process, here are 5 surprising things you may not know about relocatable homes.

Ta da!

#1. They’ve been around since the early settlers

Yes – prefabricated relocatable homes have been around in New Zealand since the early settlers. And not a big truck or crane in sight! In fact, the Treaty House was brought from Sydney as a pre-cut frame with fittings and most materials. And the Auckland Governor’s house was prefabricated in England – all 16 rooms of it! Slightly different to the relocatable homes of today, but the same principal.

#2. It’s a sustainable way to build

Think relocating miles are the equivalent of food miles? Not quite. While there may be some environmental impacts during the relocation process, these are offset by the efficiency of the build process itself.

Through the standardisation of parts, material usage is minimised
Building takes place in controlled environments which increases efficiency
Designs are generally simple and space efficient – leading to less material and energy usage.

So it’s actually a sustainable way to build. Add to this the fact relocatable prebuilt houses tend to be made of durable, low maintenance materials such as Hardies Weatherboard, with aluminum joinery and coloursteel roofs (that’s the case for Ezyline homes anyway) which means minimal maintenance and long life.

#3. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap and nasty

Relocatable homes often get a bad rep for being cheap and nasty. People think of pre-fab classrooms, or cheap out buildings. But many of today’s relocatable homes provide affordable quality. They do this by keeping the design simple and standardised, and using proven materials and construction methods. Because a simple compact design saves on build costs, quality fixtures and fittings can be incorporated for a reasonable package price.

Today there are many reputable firms offering quality relocatable homes at affordable prices. Ezyline is one of them (learn more about our transportable homes).

#4. They’re not just one size fits all

Most relocatable housing companies have a range of standard designs. This contributes to their affordability. There will generally be scope for minor changes such as moving a window or door which can often be done at no extra cost. Some companies (Ezyline being one of them) can also incorporate more major changes to standard plans such as changes to the layout or size. The price is simply recalculated to reflect the changes.

#5. They can’t be located just anywhere

The thing about relocatable houses is that have to be relocated. Not all sections will be practical for relocatable homes. There needs to be access for large trucks. And it’s not just the final landing place. The route from the building yard to the site also needs to be considered. Are there any hazards along the way?

Mostly there are no issues, but a site visit by the building company and/or their transporter is advisable to confirm the practicality.

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