Becoming a landlord is a great way to make money – but only if the financial sums work in your favour.

That’s why Karl Buscke from Hastings chose Ezyline when he decided to build a rental property in 2012.

“I bought a large section and subdivided it into four – one with the existing house and three empty blocks of land. A guy who was helping me install drainage told me about an Ezyline home in Flaxmere and when I heard the price I thought ‘geez, that’s pretty good’.

“I emailed Ezyline and it turned out their 84sq m three bedroom home worked perfectly for the size of my sections.”

Eye for detail

Karl used to be a builder himself and was impressed with the quality of Ezyline’s transportable homes.

“For the price it’s excellent. The local companies here in the Hawkes Bay couldn’t come close to the price that Ezyline could do it for,” he says.

Since the house was delivered and connected to services, Karl has added a wrap-around deck, carport, BBQ area, plus installed the carpet and tiles himself.

“Even with transport costs taken into account, the entire build plus all the extras I’ve done cost about $130,000 all up. The rent I get more than covers those costs so I’m in the green straight away.”

Winter warmth

Karl has found the compact home, combined with good insulation and double glazed windows, has been very easy to heat over winter – something his future tenants will no doubt appreciate!

Easy process

Karl also found Ezyline staff great to deal with. “Wallace kept me informed from start to finish. He’d send me pictures of work in progress like when the framing went up, or roof went on which was great to see.”

The 37 year-old now plans to have a second Ezyline home built and installed on site later this year.

“I’m just taking my time with it but I hope to have the next one done by Christmas. It’s a very economical way to build a rental home.”