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Building a home is paired alongside many learning curves. An initial floor plan can be difficult to understand and unpack alone. Ezyline homes offers support to help broaden your understanding of architectural drawings, which will help you approach your new build with confidence. 

A floor plan will be presented alongside your quote and is an essential tool of information. Floor plans outline the scale and size of the home and room sizes. They also display the seamless flow between rooms and how they all work together to create the desired look you had in mind. Floor plans also unpack how the home will function as a whole and helps you envision yourself living in the created space. 

Ezyline offer Standard Series and Contemporary Series plans, which have a variety of sizes and layout options to find a match perfectly suited to you and what you have in mind.

Our plans can also have minor changes made to them to create a space you love and can call home. These changes may involve flipping or mirroring the current plan to maximise your view or entrance way. You may also choose to move windows for the orientation of the sun or exchange them for a ranch sliding door, to allow direct sunlight into your home.

Artists Impressions

When receiving a floor plan you will receive a perspective drawing plan, which helps you visualise your new build. These drawings help bring your house on paper to life. 

 Floor Plan

Your floor plan will include all information regarding house measurements, room sizes, window location and it will also reveal the overall flow of the home and how the house functions as a whole. Our plans also display icons that represent furnishings and locations of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. This helps reveal the scale and size of the home and shows the space and flow of the layout of a room. Placements of key features help identify a room.  


An elevation plan provides you with exterior information including the overhang roofing measurements, the angle of your roof and the height of your ground floor. It also includes the gutter type, joinery and weatherboard materials etc.   

Cross Sections 

The cross section of your plan will include roofing materials, gib board ceiling, insulation, timber framing and flooring information etc. All information is explained in careful detail helping you understand your new build with ease and certainty.  

Our architectural drawing plans have various design elements which help differentiate aspects of the house. Listed below are tables that help you understand the design codes used throughout.


There are a variety of door options available to choose from within your building plan. Doors are displayed in the breaks in the walls and reveal the swing motion of the door. 

Double doors – Painted hollow core MDF doors. These are generally used as wardrobe doors or for open plan areas such as main living through to media rooms.   
Single doors – Painted hollow core MDF doors.
A standard door leaf size is 2000mm tall x 760mm wide. 
although they can practically range from 710mm – 860mm wide for passageways.
Cavity slider – Painted hollow core MDF door which slides back into the wall making it very useful in small, tight spaces. 


When viewing your transportable home build plan, it is important to identify where the windows are located and discuss any changes that you may want to make to the placement of windows and doors to best suit the location of your home and the accessibility between rooms. Orientation to the sun and any views must be considered. Windows are a great source of light that helps open your space and creates an inviting environment. 

Aluminium double-glazed window, ranch slider, bi-folding door or hung door.There are measurements next to the windows, the first measurement refers to the height of the window and the second refers to the width of the window. 

Ezyline homes offer a wide selection of transportable building home plans ranging from 1 – 4 bedroom homes that are 50㎡ up to 120㎡. Our homes have Aluminium, double glazed window joinery, earthwool insulation, and plumbing and electrical work is all completed and ready for connection on site. Our builds have less wasted material in comparison to most on-site builds and more measures are put in place to prevent pollution of the environment. 

Transportable homes are a great alternative to the increasingly competitive housing market. If you would like to enquire about one of our transportable builds, give us a call on 07 572 0230, or stop by our construction yard on Newtown Street in Mount Maunganui to have a look for yourself. We’re positive we can provide a great affordable solution and will be there along the way to answer questions like: “What does this plan mean?”

If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ Page