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To what extent can THE plans be changed?

All of our plans can be changed. Minor changes such as moving a window or door are done at no extra cost. For any major changes (eg, making a plan wider or longer) we will re-calculate the cost and advise.

In terms of changes, anything is possible – just ask!


What comes with the house?

  • Insulation (floor, walls, ceiling)
  • Double glazed windows
  • Gib stopping and painting
  • Plumbing and bathroom hardware
  • Toilet cistern and bath (or shower)
  • All sinks & tap-ware (bathroom, kitchen, laundry)
  • Kitchen cabinetry
  • A hot water cylinder


What things do I need to take care of when you build a house for me?

  1. Site plan drawings including positioning and drainage details
  2. A building consent from your local authority (based on the site plan drawings)
  3. A transport company to deliver the house to your site
  4. The connecting of utilities at your new site (eg, phone, internet, power and water)
  5. The finishing touches like decking, base cladding, carpet, fixed floor coverings, curtains or drapes, appliances

We can put you in touch with people to help with all of the above – just ask!



Who’s responsible for getting the consents?

  1. We’re responsible for obtaining a consent to build your house at our yard
  2. You’re responsible for obtaining a consent to position the building at your property

We can put you in touch with our draftsmen to help with the above.



What house transporting company Do you recommend?

  • We deal with a range of movers, here are some we’ve used recently
    • BOP House Removals
    • Brittons House Movers (Bulls)
    • House Transporters (Paengaroa)
    • Willcox Building Removals (Putaruru)


What can I expect to pay in terms of consents/transport above the build cost?

  • Consents vary according to council, and can range from as little as $3000 up to $15,000
  • Transport will most likely be between $15,000 and $25,000 (depending on your location) and this includes siting the house on the foundations



What brands and suppliers do you use?

We use the following reputable brands

  • Coloursteel
  • GIB
  • Premier Insulation
  • Resene
  • Methven
  • NZ Windows
  • Oregon ITM Building Supplies

For more detailed info, download a spec sheet.



How long does building typically take?

  • Drafting of plans normally takes 2 weeks
  • We then allow 5-6 weeks from this time to receive the building consent
  • Construction then takes approximately 12 weeks (following the consent)

To learn more, see how it works.


Ready to get started?

Call me (Wallace) or Pam on 07 572 0230