You are currently viewing 5 advantages of using standardised plans


Some people are obsessed with ‘custom everything’.

We all have our unique styles and tastes, and we all want something just a bit different.

Ezyline does adapt plans to suit owners requirements but what you might not realise is that when it comes to building houses, going with standard plan designs isn’t as boring and ordinary as you might think. And there are plenty of advantages including affordability and quicker build time.

Here are some great advantages of keeping with standard plans while still being able to stamp your mark on your home to make it yours.


#1. Cheaper means more affordable

There are several reasons it works out cheaper to build an Ezyline home from the standard plans;

  1. We’ve built from standard plans heaps of times before, therefore we are able to keep our labour costs down.
  2. Standard plans are designed around standard material sizes, therefore we are able to order materials in bulk at better rates and with minimal waste.
  3. Because standard plans are essentially a cut and paste process we don’t have any unnecessary architect fees, project management expenses or hard to source materials.


#2. Quicker turnaround time

Just like anything, the more you do it, the quicker and more efficient you get at it. So with our highly skilled tradies who know our standard plans like the back of their hands, they’re able to build that much quicker with the same quality.

Standard plans means fewer people involved, and with fewer people involved there is less wait time for paperwork processes. Our architects play a minimal role, council consent is a quicker process, and our project management team are able to plough on with the build.

All this means, you get your house on your land, a lot quicker.


#3. Designed for practicality

Our standard plans have been developed over decades. We’ve tweaked, changed, evolved the plans to make sure they are giving you the most practical home layout possible.

Initially, when starting to build a house there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. What’s the best layout, how can we make the most use of space, is this the most cost effective layout etc.

Because our plans have been tried and tested so many times, we make it nice and easy for you, and you can trust that you’ll be getting the most practical version of our transportable home.


#4. Less waste, better for the environment

As a building company, we have a duty to reduce the amount of waste we create. Not only for the environment but for cost-saving. We utilise every bit of material possible to minimise our waste output.

The standard plans we’ve created use standard material measurements. This means we create fewer offcuts and wastage.

Our standard house specs also come with double glazing and insulation. By saving on energy used to heat and cool your home, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.


#5. There are ways to put your stamp on it

When we talk about standard plans, it’s not all standard and you do have choices to make to put your own personal touch on your home.

To individualise your home you choose all the paint colours (the choices are endless). You can flip or mirror the orientation of the plan to suit the section’s views and sun. You can change window sizes and even replace windows for ranch sliders. And then there are the endless options with the landscaping – carport, driveway, pergola, front fence and most importantly, plants.


Ezyline ticks all the boxes. Our homes are built with practicality, affordability and quality in mind. And we’ve made it so that our standard plans are just as good or better than going with a custom build. We’ve generally got a standard plan being built in the yard, so feel free to pop along to have a proper look.

And we don’t just have one standard build plan, there are plenty to choose from on our website.