You are currently viewing 10 innovative ways to use a transportable home


We capped the list at 10, but there are so many reasons why a transportable home should be on your options list when it comes to accommodation or office space.

Maybe you’ve put off expanding your home/building or getting an on-site office because you can’t seem to find the right way to do it?

If so, whether you need temporary, permanent or additional accommodation, a pre-built transportable home/building could be the answer.

Beyond the traditional family home, there are plenty of innovative uses for transportable homes. Check out our list below and you might just have a light bulb moment.


#1 – Office space or showroom

Think how much time you could save if you had an office onsite. No more paperwork at home or using your car as a filing cabinet.


#2 – Extra office space for schools

The school might be expanding or getting upgrades, either way, a transportable home can act as great office space either permanently or for temporary use.


#3 – Extra accommodation

For instance, a campsite may decide it’s time to offer different accommodation options. A transportable home that could be made into a dorm-like accommodation would be a great option.


#4 – Farm accommodation

A transportable home can house the extra farm staff or a farm manager. The perfect way to have your staff close by but not living with you.


#5 – Bach

Are you sitting on a piece of land that you think would make a perfect bach location? We would say, put a bach on it and start enjoying the benefits.


#6 – Granny flat

Would the olds be better off being close by? A pre-built home just makes it easy on them and you.


#8 – Extension

Have you thought about building an extension? The pre-built home can be built to spec so that we can attach it to your current house with a hallway. This means you can carry on living in your home whilst we build your extension off-site. A no-mess extension, dreamy!


#9 – Rental accommodation

Maybe you had a rental property that now doesn’t meet the rental requirements and needs to be knocked down? Putting a pre-built transportable home on the land might be the perfect solution in order to maintain that rental income.


#10 – Temporary accommodation and office space

For many reasons you may need some temporary accommodation or office space.The pre-built homes can be a quick turnaround option that can be moved off-site just as easily.


If your situation falls into any of the above here’s another added bonus – for however long you have the building, once you are done you have a sellable asset afterwards.

So, if there’s something you think we can help with, we’d love to hear from you. Maybe you’re not sure if this is right for you but you won’t know until we talk. Give us a call on 07 572 0230.