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You’d better watch out. We might turn your business away!

Don’t get us wrong, we won’t like it. And in most circumstances, we’d find a solution to your problem. However, sometimes there are things that are just out of our control.

Unfortunately, a transportable home won’t be suitable for every customer or site. Read on to find out why.


Site access

We can work some awkward sites. However, there are some pieces of land that weren’t made for transportable homes.

For example, if you’re looking to get a transportable home on to a back section that has a two-story house in the front, with small driveway access, it will prove almost impossible for us to deliver. We need a clearance of 6-8 metres to either drive the home to the site or crane it over the top of a single story to place on site.

And if you’re on a sloped section, we’d need to assess just how sloped you are. We can cope with some gradient but steep sections are not suitable for transportable homes, unless they can be craned into position.

But if either of these apply to you and you live in the Tauranga area, you’re in luck. We also offer an onsite build in the greater Tauranga area. That means we’ll send our guys in and we can build our quality, affordable home onsite instead of transporting it.


Finance restrictions

The main finance blocker we come across is usually first home buyers with bank lending terms.

From a bank’s perspective, Westpac says ‘Normally when a house is built, the mortgage is released in parts as the house goes up and there’s material to secure the loan against. With a prefab house, it’s in the builder’s factory until it’s almost done so until now, the builder had to take the risk that the owner could get finance once it was finished.’

You won’t find many builders that will take that risk, and unfortunately, we’re the same.

But fortunately, Wespac has realised that pre-built homes can be a lot more affordable, so they are running a pilot scheme to make it easier to finance this type of build. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. And although this may not solve your problem right now, it’s something to be aware of for the future.

To have your finance options laid out clearly for you, we’d highly recommend talking to Mortgage Adviser – Marie Scawboard from Tauranga Mortgage Brokers. Having previously worked in banks, Marie has specific knowledge and will make financing your new home as straightforward as possible. Marie can work with you on a home purchase anywhere in New Zealand and with any bank or lender in New Zealand.

Marie Scawboard –


Phone: 021 293 1353


Unique designs

If you came to us with our own unique house design you might be turned away.

This isn’t because it can’t be done (it probably can) however going with a unique design takes a lot longer in both the consent and build phases. Therefore, if we were to take on a unique design, it would all depend on our workload and forward schedule at the time.

There’s a very good reason we can offer simple and affordable housing and it’s because we’ve mastered the standard plan. Our range of standard plans offer all you need and there are a lot of advantages of building with our standard plans too. Though we can tweak our standard plans a bit for you without adding too much extra cost

Which leaves us to the only other reason we may turn you away.

If you arrive on our doorstep at 4pm on a Friday arvo, we may have to turn you away, or if you’re lucky, we’ll invite you in for an after work beer!

So really there aren’t many reasons you can’t build your home with us. Our process is generally a very simple one. We keep it simple so that costs stay low and our quality stays high. If you come to us with special requirements we’ll work with you and your circumstances in any way we can to achieve the outcome you want, but in some cases a transportable home may not be the answer for you. And we’ll tell you that. Simple.

Please get in touch if there are any out of the ordinary aspects you want to discuss.