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Dreaming about building your own bach? The fun times, the memories – the kiwi dream.

Before you start designing and building your dream holiday pad, here are 3 important considerations to help you get it right.


1.  Start with how you run your holidays

It pays to think about what you generally do when you’re on holiday so that you can design your bach around your needs.

Do you often have visitors coming to stay, or is it just your immediate family? When holidaying, will you spend a lot of time at the bach or is it just a place to rest your head each night?

Plan your bach around your lifestyle:

  • Think about indoor/outdoor flow
  • Open plan spaces offer flexibility, but think about how you will likely use the spaces
  • Consider sleeping arrangements – how can you easily accommodate extra guests or changing family?
  • Design your laundry/utility room to suit outdoor activity (clean-ups)
  • Consider an outdoor shower (especially for the beach)



2.  Remember you’re not there to do maintenance and housework

Design and build your batch so when you’re there, you can relax. You don’t want to be worried about maintenance or housework.

Consider design and construction choices both inside and outside that will make life easier.

Also think about making your arrival and departure pain free. Can you make it easy to clean up and lock up? Will everything be ready to roll on your arrival?

Build your bach to minimise maintenance:

  • Use low maintenance and durable materials (eg: stainless steel nails for beach houses)
  • Use eves to provide weather protection
  • Keep the design simple
  • Choose interior finishes that are durable and easy to clean
  • Think about how the house will be secured and protected while you’re not there
  • Plant the garden for low maintenance


3.  What happens when you rent your bach out?

Lets face it there are probably going to be times when you won’t be using the bach. Renting it out is a good way to cover some of your costs. But you should make sure that renting it out doesn’t ruin your lovely holiday home.

Make your bach trouble free to rent:

  • Make it easy to lock up your belongings – consider storage options that will allow you to lock away your important possessions when you have strangers in the house
  • Choose interior finishes that are durable and easy to clean
  • Flexible sleeping options will help accommodate different groups



At Ezyline we build solid, low maintenance, practical homes – perfect for a bach.

We have a great range of plans which can be modified to suit your holidaying needs.

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