Worried about going through the laborious process of getting a building consent? There are certainly some horror stories out there about the time, effort and cost involved.

Is it really that hard? At Ezyline we deal with consents on a daily basis. Yes – it does take time, and it can be frustrating – but there are a few things you can do to make the process a little easier.

Here’s our advice.

5 things you can do to ease the pain of the consent process

1. Know what you’re in for

Make sure you read up about the resource and building consent processes before you start detailed planning. Spend time on shaping your ideas, gathering information, and talking to the right people early to save time and money.

2. Get the right people on the job

The person completing the application needs to understand the application requirements and the Building Code, and also be able to provide or source the information that shows how your project will comply. That might be you. But most probably it’s not. Get the best person on the job – it could be your architect, builder or project manager.

3. Talk to council staff as you’re pulling your information together

Council staff are there to help. Every council has its own structure and processes. Ask your contact at the council whether you need to talk to anyone else, and ask for specific information about the processes you should follow. Triple check you have all the information you’ll need for your application to save on hold ups.

4. Make sure about your compliance around key areas

Applications often fail to show compliance in three key areas, so make sure the person completing the application knows about Building Code requirements related to:

  • Structure
  • External moisture
  • Internal moisture

5. Keep on the ball

At every stage of the resource and building consent process, you should ask the following key questions:

  • Am I allowed to do this?
  • Who do I need to talk to?
  • What are my obligations?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?

Let’s face it, although consents can be a pain to get, they’re an essential step in the building process. No-one wants dodgy construction.

So take a deep breath and get into it.

Or take the easy way

If you’re looking for a simple, stress free way to build your new home, batch, or granny flat then call me (Wallace) on 07 572 0230 and let’s talk.

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