You are currently viewing 6 Things to Consider When Buying A Granny Flat

If you, your parents or your loved one is getting older but hates the idea of moving into a rest home, then a ‘granny flat’ might be the perfect solution.

Many families like to live close to grandparents so they can help take care of them – but no-one wants to live on top of one another.

We think buying a transportable granny flat to sit alongside your family home or on a small section is a great option compared to buying an existing one or two bedroom home.

Either way, here are a few factors you’ll need to consider:

1. Location

Is it feasible to have a second home built or transported onto your property? The first thing to do is check with your local council about town planning rules for your area and what consents you will need. Councils usually have a minimum amount of land required per dwelling so you need to find out if you have enough space.

2. Size

One or two bedrooms is ideal for a granny flat. There’s less to clean and it’s easy to heat and move around. Ezyline homes are deliberately compact (they need to fit on the back of a truck remember!) and our granny flats range in size from 50m2 to 70m2.

3. Maintenance

No-one wants to spend their retirement years maintaining an old home. Save time and money and buy something new that has long-lasting materials like a coloursteel roof and exterior cladding that’s easy to clean.

4. Warmth

When you’re on a fixed income you don’t want to be hit with high power bills in winter. Ezyline homes all feature double glazing and have premier insulation, making them cheap and easy to heat.

We can also install energy-efficient LED lighting throughout your granny flat if you wish.

5. Comfort

You’ll want a home that’s going to be user-friendly. Single level, warm, compact granny flats are ideal. At Ezyline we can easily alter our granny flat designs to meet any special needs you might have – such as grab handles in the bathroom, wider doorways for wheelchairs, or ramps at the entrance.

6. Cost & flexibility

Buying property can be an expensive business. It also involves a lot of real estate and legal fees when it comes time to sell again.

The great advantage of a transportable home is you can remove it (and on-sell it) when it’s no longer required. You don’t need to demolish it – simply detach it from its foundations and wave goodbye.

Find the best solution for your family

Taking care of one other is what makes family so special. So make the most of your time together and find a living arrangement that suits everyone’s needs.

If you need a hand finding out more about transportable homes, give me (Wallace) a call at Ezyline on (07) 572 0230. I’d love to help.