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You know that feeling when someone gives you a compliment or praises you for the work you’ve done?

Well, we had plenty of that feeling at Fieldays.

We took one of our prebuilt, transportable homes over so that people could get a real feel for one of our homes.  And the response was overwhelming. We were inundated with great comments and interesting questions.

Which just reiterates that our way of building homes is such a good option and we’re proud of what we can provide.

With well over 3000 people walking through our doors at Fieldays, we loved hearing the comments and questions.

… “This feels like a real home”

… “It’s much bigger than it looks from the outside”

… “Has this house sold yet?” (unfortunately for them, yes it was)

And that was just the beginning, we’ve had follow up questions and enquiries too.

We definitely had some popular questions that kept popping up, so we thought we’d share them with you (incase you missed us at Fieldays).


Top 10 questions we were asked at Fieldays (with answers)


#1 What’s the timeframe?

5 months from design to construction complete in our yard.


#2 What’s included in the price?

The house finished in the yard at Mt Maunganui ready to be transported. We don’t include carpets or appliances in our price because everyone has different tastes and budgets. Saying that, we can of course organise this for you for an extra fee.


#3 Is it insulated?

Absolutely! And our finished product is above the building code and its double glazing.


#4 Where can you deliver?

Anywhere in the North Island. But yes, some sites can be more challenging than others.

If you have a slightly awkward site, maybe you have slopes, trees, powerlines or a long driveway, we can put you in touch with a house transporting company who can do a drive-by to assess if delivery is possible. We can also use a crane depending on the size of the house.


#5 Can the house plans be changed?

Not only can we change the house plans, we encourage small alterations to get the most out of your home and the land it sits on (usually around sunlight and views). We custom build around these sorts of things:

  • Window size
  • Ranch sliders
  • Outdoor cladding (we have some great options)
  • Kitchen layout
  • Add solar panels
  • Install a fire or wet back
  • Flipping or mirroring the plans

At the end of the day we like to think anything is possible (within reason).


#6 How does the building consent work?

There are two lots of consents required. The first one, we take care of to complete the build in our yard and the second you take care of, for siting the house on the section, foundation and connection to utilities. We do have more info for you on this as we can provide a package to manage the second consent if required.


#7 Do you have other homes to view?

We sure do. Our yard is at 41 Newton Street, Mt Maunganui where we have a show home and 4-5 houses being built at any one time. That means you can usually see all the different stages of the house being built, and the quality throughout. We’re open 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday and by appointment on the weekend.


#8 How long has Ezyline been in business?

About 9 years. But the owner Wallace has had his onsite building company for over 20 years. That’s a lot of houses built and a lot of experienced gained. We are very much a family owned company with family members involved in all different levels.


#9 Do you transport the house in sections?

No, the house will be delivered in one piece all finished, the biggest house we have transported is a 120m, 4-bedroom home, the master has an ensuite and walk-in robe.


#10 Can you add on at a later date?

Absolutely, in the past we have inserted extra lintels in the wall so a penetration can be made at a later date with minimal fuss and we are currently building a house which will be all set up, so an internal access garage can be added once the house is delivered to site.

Let us know your plans when we are designing your home and we can suggest some options.   


It’s safe to say our voices were well and truly exhausted by the end of the show. I had an absolute blast at my first Fieldays. If you’ve never been, I’d highly recommend getting there next year for a nosy. It really is something else.

If you still have questions at the end of all this, we’re only a phone call away –  07 572 0230.



PS. Check out some photos of our set up at Fieldays below. We were very proud of our bed-making efforts 🙂