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Will your rental property pass the new ‘Healthy homes’ standards?

As of July 1 2019, it will be law that all rentals uphold a set of standards that require the house to be insulated properly and offer a form of heating.

Sure, the new standards will increase the rental market quality, lower maintenance costs and increase your equity. But what if bringing your rental property up to standard costs too much? A rental property is a business proposition after all.

Got you thinking? Here are a few paths you could take…

  • Patch up the existing rental with the bare minimum requirements
  • Sell up, as the house is too old and there’s no point in spending any money on it
  • Bowl the existing house and replace with a new one.

Any of these could be a viable path to take, however figuring out the right one for you can be challenging.

Want a solution idea? A fully insulated, double glazed, warm, built to last transportable home.

And here’s why…


Costs of a reno Vs brand new home

It can be a vicious cycle. You keep throwing money at the property in order to keep it livable. But there comes a time when the maintenance costs outweigh the income.

A brand new, transportable home can take away the unknown and leave you with a rental that not only meets the new legislation requirements, it exceeds them.


Maximise rental income

During the construction of a transportable home you can carry on renting the existing property. We build everything off-site and only transport the home when the land is ready and waiting. Meaning very minimal rental downtime and no pro-longed on-site construction.

A brand new rental has potential to increase the rent amount to reflect the quality in the property. Renters will be far more prepared to pay more for a well-built, solid new home.


Affordable, no hassle construction process

Our transportable homes exceed NZ building code. With double glazing and insulation that boasts value for money. They combine all the benefits of a brand new house (built to last, warm and dry and attractive to renters) with a hassle-free process. There is no project management involved (we can do that for you) and you get a low maintenance rental property come the end.


Build two instead of one

Is this the opportunity to make full use of the land your current rental is sitting on?

If you’re going to bowl the property anyway, and your land has potential for more than one house, think about putting two or even three houses on the land – tripling your rental income.


Here to help

If you just want to discuss ideas, find out more about how a transportable home could work for you or enquire about prices, just give us a call. We’d love to talk to you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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