If you’re building a house for your farm manager or worker, this article is for you.

It’s a list of important (yet often overlooked) features to include when building on-farm accommodation.

4 things to consider when building a farm house


Also known as a mud room, a wet room allows a farmer access to the house via the laundry. It might sound simple, but it’s pretty bloody important if you don’t want the main entrance to the house getting filthy every day of the week.

The ultimate wet room has a massive laundry basin, room for the gumboots and plenty of space for hanging jackets, overalls etc. A larger than normal eave outside the wet room is handy too.


Farming in the middle of winter can be pretty miserable, but a wet back fireplace will help warm things up.

Obviously the fire itself is a winner (and let’s be honest, farmers typically have plenty of firewood handy) but the thermo-siphon effect of a wet-back also keeps hot water hot, and the water-heating bill low.


Kiwi farmers obviously work in some pretty cold environments, so quality insulation is an absolute must if you want to keep your farmer happy, healthy and on the job. Underfloor, ceiling and cavity insulation is the ultimate combo if farmer comfort is your goal.


Double-glazing traps a layer of air between two panes, with the layer acting like a blanket between the cold air outside and the warm air within the house. For farmers, double-glazing helps keep a home dry and free from moisture – especially when it’s damper than a damp thing outside.

Can we build your farm accommodation?

We build no-nonsense, quality homes that can be transported anywhere in the north island.

And the best part about choosing a transportable home for your farm accommodation is that you don’t need to arrange sub-trades to come visit you out in the sticks. That’s right – carpet, vinyl, appliances and even the heat pump are all ready to go when you build with us.

Building on your farm?

Check out our the 95 square metre home we delivered to Lake Taupo, or call me (Wallace) on 07 572 0230 to talk about your specific plans.