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Thinking about building a new home?

It’s a big decision with a lot of unknowns.

Sure, we can tell you we’re the best people for the job, and until we build you one of our transportable homes, you won’t know that for sure.

But our recent customers Cliff and Jan know Ezyline

We asked Cliff and Jan 13 questions. They responded with honest answers. Have a read and find out exactly what it’s like to build your home with us.


1 – What problem did you need solving?

We went with Ezyline because they had the best overall options available to manage our needs, which included design – plan variation – quality and completed home package price.


2 – Did you have any restrictions? e.g. budget or time.

Yes there was a budget and Ezyline were able to deliver true to their word.


3 – What other options did you look at?

We looked at onsite building and other transportable home suppliers.


4 – Why did a pre-built transportable home suit your need?

The onsite build idea fell over due to the builder wanting to include too many PC sums and the right of price variations in the contract. They said they had no control over what subcontractors would on-charge in a building boom marketplace that had a wait period.

The other transportable home suppliers didn’t give us a lot of faith as their pricing wasn’t specific enough for our needs and budget restraints.

Ezyline had finished houses (including their office) that we were able to feel and see the quality


5 – Why did you choose Ezyline?

Quality, Price and Service. We also liked the idea of building offsite because of Ezyline’s yard security during the build.


6 – How did you feel during the process of having your home built offsite?

It is easy to research on the internet, you will find that Wallace has extensive building industry experience. Because of this we felt safe having our house being built out of sight. There was also the advantage of no building noise or mess. And we were always welcome when we visited our house being built.


7 – What communication did you get from Ezyline along the way?

Very good communication channels, supplied photos of the different stages via email also.

Pam responded quickly to any query big or small. That definitely was one of the main reasons we went with them. Pam also liaised with Wallace to solve any design changes. It all went really well, both Pam and Wallace are really competent and nice people. They gave us a lot of confidence and peace of mind in the whole process.


8 – Did you have any concerns?

Not at all. A concern is only something that can’t be addressed forthright and we didn’t experience that as things were addressed immediately.


9 – How long did it take from start to finish?

5 months all up. Through good management it went to target, thanks to Pam, Wallace and the team.

NOTE: factoring in drafting plans, obtaining building consents and construction of the build can take anywhere from 5-6 months.


10 – Did you stay within your budget?

Yes. The biggest upside to any build is staying within budget while getting what you want (and more).

NOTE: Ezyline’s fixed price structure allows for this, we keep the cost down because of;

  • staff and subcontractors fixed costs,
  • material costs,
  • the ability to meet Health and Safety legislation due to the yard design,
  • having our own safety equipment such as scaffolding.


11 – What are your top 3 favourite things about your new home?

  1. The design
  2. The materials used
  3. The build quality


12 – Did it meet your expectations?

Yes Yes and Yes again.

Ezyline’s ability to maintain high levels of quality throughout the build was amazing, as quality auditing is much easier to implement.

You can see that attention to the plan and detail is easier to monitor when building on their yard instead of onsite.


13 – Would you change anything?

No, not at all. We would definitely use them again if we were in need of another build.


And here she is, in all her glory.






IMG_1452 (1)


IMG_1446 (1)


– – –

Cliff and Jan’s beautiful new home now sits proudly in the front garden of their property (they live in the back section) and is being used as a rental.

Thanks Cliff and Jan. For singing our praises (so we don’t have to). You are a joy to work with.

– – –

If you have more questions about how a transportable home could be right for you, please get in touch. And you want to read about another of our case studies, take a look at the hassle free bach build.


Call Wallace, Pam or Jeremy on 07 572 0230.