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We’ve been around for a while. In fact, our head honcho, Wallace, has been in the industry for forty years.

That’s a lot of experience. A lot of learning. And a lot of constant improvement which has made us what we are today. This not only applies to work quality but also safe work methods.

But why should all this matter to you?

Because you should know what you’re getting when you build a transportable home with us. And how our processes achieve excellent results.

Read on to find out more about how we are constantly improving.

How does health safety improve our service?

In our industry, health and safety plays a huge part in making sure you get the best quality. By having our health and safety top notch you can sleep easy knowing your house was built with diligence and precision.

Health and Safety is a part of our staff culture. In fact, a motto we use on a daily basis is ‘Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility’.  Our staff are required to buy in to our systems and procedures.

Health and Safety forms a big part of the planning process. This not only speeds up the build because staff are able to work in the correct conditions but is also reflected in the quality of our homes.

By engaging a home builder who takes health and safety seriously, you are less at risk of getting a building site shut down or staff off work with injuries. Resulting in lost time and potential fines.

How do we implement health and safety?

  • Staff are required to wear personal protective equipment at all times. No ifs, no buts.
  • Our equipment and tools are regularly tested (and replaced) to ensure good working order.
  • Safety equipment is constantly being accessed and replaced.
  • We provide regular training to upskill and refresh our staff.

Before each stage of the build is started our team meets to discuss the plan of action. We go over any health and safety concerns which puts us all on the same page and brings safety to the forefront of our work.

How do our toolbox talks help you?

Tradies love to spin a good yarn, and we look forward to our toolbox talks every Tuesday. But not just for the good banter. We find weekly team meetings help our staff be on the same page. Here’s what we talk about:

  • Health and Safety issues or concerns.
  • Any changes onsite.
  • A refresh on a safe operation procedure (SOP) and safe work method statement (SWMS).

We pride ourselves on our team training. We have regular skilled guests come in to talk to the team. Professionals such as Chiropractors, building training organisations, materials specialists, make visits to talk to the team on where they can improve both health and skills. Which upholds our constant improvement mantra.

We offer apprenticeship placements so that we’re producing the next generation of excellent tradies. It also gives our more experienced staff the opportunity to teach their trade, making them upskill at the same time.

With our toolbox talks and team training ingrained into our ethos, it means you can build your home with us knowing you’re in the safest of hands.

Want to know more about how we do things? Give us a call. Look forward to hearing from you.


Jeremy – Operations Manager.