You are currently viewing Ezyline’s 2014 Year In Review

Like most of you, we’re a bit shocked about how quickly another year has raced by!

We’ve had a very busy 2014 and we’re looking forward to building more transportable homes in the sunshine and (hopefully) enjoying a long hot summer.

For our final article of the year, we’d love to share some of our highs and lows with you from over the past 12 months.


1. Now you see us
This year we invested in a new mobile sign trailor which we’ve successfully taken to A & P shows in Hawkes Bay, Waikato and Clevedon. At 3.5m long and 2.5m high you couldn’t miss us! It has certainly helped generate new enquiries and it’s been great to get our name out there.

2. New look website
We’ve had lots of great feedback about our new website which we re-designed in early 2014. People seem to appreciate how much information we have available, and our honest, unbiased look at issues that crop up when buying a new transportable home.


3. Busier than ever
We’ve had a record number of enquiries from potential customers this year and have built more than 15 homes for relocation around the North Island. We’re stoked with that performance and are already looking forward to the challenge of doing even better next year.

4. New staff

We’ve roughly doubled our staff this year. There are now 15 Ezyline team members – three involved in administration, and the rest of us are on tools. We’re grateful to have an enthusiastic bunch who work hard every day to deliver fantastic, affordable homes.

5. Going the distance
This year we completed our furtherest ever delivery by trucking a new home more than 500km from Mount Maunganui to Martinborough. It was delivered safe and sound to a young couple who bought it as their first home.

6. Popular plan
We developed a new three bedroom with ensuite floor plan this year which has proved to be a big hit. We’ve built several of them already – two of which were for the same customer! They’re both about to be delivered to a dairy farm in Taupo and they look great.


1. Council hold ups
The process of getting a building consent through local councils is still incredibly slow. In fact, the situation seems to have gotten worse this year, not better. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to speed up this aspect of your build. Let’s hope 2015 brings about some improvements!

2. Tight fit
Because we’ve had such a busy year, we’re now squeezed for space in our Mount Maunganui yard. New homes are going up everywhere and our staff have been very patient about working around this problem.

So what lies ahead in 2015?

As a result of that last point, we are excited to announce we’re moving premise in late January! We’ve secured a bigger, higher profile site at 41 Newton St, Mount Maunganui. We’re planning to build ourselves a bigger office and sell off our existing one, so if you’re interested in snapping it up, feel free to get in touch.

Overall, confidence remains high in the economy and interest rates are still pretty low, so we’re expecting good things to happen in 2015.
From everyone here at Ezyline, we’d like to wish you and your families a wonderful, safe, Christmas. We’ll look forward to talking to you again in the New Year!