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No-one wants a home that looks identical to someone else’s.

That’s why building an affordable home with Ezyline doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself into a stock-standard plan.

In fact, no two homes ever leave our Mount Maunganui building yard looking exactly the same!

We offer 13 standard plans which vary from one bedroom (50sq m), up to four bedrooms (107sq m). But at the end of the day, we’re a construction company. So we can build anything you like.

Moving walls, extending the living area, adding bathrooms or extra windows – you name it, we can do it.

What things can I change?

The short answer is “anything”. Each room has a Provisional Cost (known as a PC sum) but there is nothing stopping you from upgrading our standard floor plan size, joinery or cabinetry to get the room you want.

Here are 5 common things our customers like to modify:

1. Kitchens – you can add extra cabinets, alter the layout, upgrade your benchtop, include a dishwasher alclove, and choose rubbish bins or other extra fittings. Our building price does not include kitchen appliances so you have full control over what items and brands you choose.

2. Joinery – re-position or add extra windows and ranch sliders to take advantage of your section’s view and outdoor living area.

3. Bathrooms – our smaller floor plans (84sq m and below) can accommodate either a bath or a shower. You choose. Larger floor plans can fit both. Or you may choose to add an ensuite to the main bedroom.

4. Heating – we’ll install an electric hot water cylinder but if you’d prefer gas, that’s no problem. We can also install a wet back cylinder so your fireplace can heat the water for you – a great idea if you live on a farm with plenty of firewood.

5. Roof – Choose either a hip or gable roof line depending on what look you prefer.

What about flooring and curtains?

Our standard plans are priced between $79,000 and $137,000 including GST. Floor coverings and curtains are not included in this price so your options are wide open.

We have excellent pricing arrangements with local flooring companies. You can have your carpets and curtains installed before your house leaves our yard, or once it’s delivered onto your section.

Want some inspiration?

Have a look at the picture gallery on our website to see what other people have done. Or start collecting pictures of rooms and homes you like, and give me (Wallace) a call to discuss how we can help. Ph (07) 572 0230.