You are currently viewing How Transportable Is A Transportable Home?

Building a transportable home is pretty straight forward – but how does it reach its final destination in one piece?

If you’re worried about your home teetering on the back of truck or splitting in two, relax. We promise this won’t happen.

Transporting a home is a specialist skill. So let’s walk you through what happens and answer those common concerns you might have.

How do you lift it onto a truck?

Your house will be built on temporary foundations. When it’s ready, a transporter (fancy word for big truck) will slide hydraulic jacks along each side, about 3 or 4 meters apart.

Over the next three hours, your house will be lifted up slowly and evenly until the truck’s trailer can fit underneath. It’s then lowered down and clamped onto the trailer.

Is the house strong enough to be moved?

We use the exact same building materials as you would normally use if building on site. But we do add extra bracing in the walls to make it extra strong and minimize any movement.

Is that truck big enough?

Your average transportable home weighs 20 tonnes, but the trucks we use can carry twice that load. Your home will overhang the sides of the trailer but that’s perfectly safe and normal.

What if the truck crashes?

Transporters are only allowed to travel on our roads between 10:30pm and 6am to reduce the risk of any traffic accidents. Your house will be fitted with temporary lights, and a pilot vehicle drives ahead to warn other motorists.

Your home is also fully insured by the transport company.

Could the house hit something or fall off going uphill?

These trucks are pretty amazing. Their trailers are fully adjustable and can be tilted to keep your house level when travelling up or down slopes. They can also be raised 2.8m up or lowered to just 1m off the ground. So if a bridge railing or fence post is in the way, your home will still get past it.

What happens at the other end?

Once your home has arrived on site, the whole loading process will be reversed. Your house will be positioned 1.5m off the ground while the foundations are prepared and concreted in. Then the hydraulic jacks will lower it into its final position. Once plumbing and electricity have been connected, you’re ready to go! This whole deliver/installation process usually takes 7 to 10 days.

Where do you deliver to?

Ezyline builds homes for transportation around the North Island. It doesn’t matter whether you’re beachfront or in the back of beyond, we’ll get it there in one piece.

Who pays for delivery?

Our price is for the build only – you are responsible for hiring a transport company. We will put you in touch with the best operators in your area. We recommend you use someone local so they can visit your site beforehand and give you an accurate quote.

Any other questions?

We’d be happy to answer any other queries you may have. Just pick up the phone and talk to Wallace today! Phone (07) 572 0230 or drop us an email at