Living in the Land of the Long White Cloud has become increasingly appealing over the past couple of years, fueling our mission to make affordable housing more achievable than ever for Kiwis.

How do we do that? In certain suitable locations, we can deliver houses where no house has been before, with some help from our friends at Pollock Cranes.

Though not our most common mode of transportation, the option to use cranes makes it possible to get our prefab homes onto previously inaccessible sites.

Check out this video on our Facebook page to see this process in action.

The Process

As you might imagine, it takes a lot of organisation, preparation, and the right contacts to get the ball rolling on crane transportation. When it comes to our community, it’s all worth it. This is what the process of using a crane for your transportable home looks like:

The first question: Do you need a crane?

We do not just get a crane in for fun. A crane is the last resort if your site is otherwise inaccessible by truck. We can only offer this service in certain locations.

Measure up!

You need a space of at least 8m X 8m clear for the crane to setup and away from any obstructions like trees, powerlines, or nearby airports.

The next question: Do we need to do any traffic control?

Will we need to re-route busses and traffic if the crane is setup on or near the road? This requires council permits that our team at Ezyline would organise for you.

Inform the neighbors!

Or leave them a letter, giving them a heads up about the event beforehand, and be sure anyone who would be under your house during the lift has vacated. We usually sweeten the deal by offering them free brekkie or other goodies for the trouble.

Pre-lift prep day

On the day before the lift, we hold a health and safety meeting with the whole team so everyone knows their role and responsibilities. Then the crane appears on-site because although we’re early risers, 4 AM is just a little (a lot) too early for anyone to be setting up heavy machinery.

Hurray! It’s Crane Day!

We start before the sun comes up because the transport trucks for large prefab homes must be off the road by law before any morning traffic gets going. The foundations will be ready, and it’s time to plop your house into place!

Last but not least: Maneuvering.

A lift operator from Pollock Cranes will get the crane up and into position, and because of all the leg work we put in before Crane Day, the process only takes about 20 minutes. Once the home is lowered, we attach one corner to the foundations so that it can swivel on that point – amazingly precise even though we are essentially pushing the suspended house into place by hand. Wait really? Yes, really!

The Benefits

Creating more housing options for kiwis in need is very rewarding work, and we love what we do. All of this organisation takes time. Usually, a lot of work can be completed on-site during this process, like drainage and driveways, which means that move-in day could be as little as a week after crane day. Surprisingly, a crane will not break the bank either as your overall transport costs will go down as you need less from the transport truck.

Why chose us? It’s ‘Ezy’ As

Housing with Ezyline is as easy as it gets, and we’re not just saying that. Besides making the impossible possible with cranes, our manufactured homes are low-cost, and built in an average of 12 weeks… a staggering 40% faster than traditional building. Working in our Mount Maunganui yard means much less material waste and taking a little stress off the environment, too.

Also, since we handle the building and the transportation, you don’t have to fuss over a building site or manage multiple contractors. The advantages go on and on!


On days like Crane day, the talented crew at Bay of Plenty House Removals and Pollock Cranes enable us to do what we do best! We were also grateful to work alongside Accessible Properties during this latest transport, a not-for-profit organisation helping house Kiwis in New Zealand. 

With their help, all the pieces came together, and we were able to situate these two homes for two very happy families.


Do you think your site is inaccessible? Get in touch and find out! If you’ve been considering a prefab home, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you – give us a call on 07 572 0230. We’re positive we can get it sussed out, even if you need your house to be lowered in from the sky.

If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ Page

Visit our website for more information or stop by our construction yard on Newtown Street in Mount Maunganui to have a look for yourself.