You are currently viewing Meet the 8 guys who love building our homes

We count ourselves lucky.

We get to come to work, do what we love and be a part of a dedicated team who work hard and have fun.

We also think you’re pretty lucky.

You have the opportunity to have your house built by experienced and energetic experts.

Yep, that’s our team we’re talking about. They’re awesome and here’s why.


The almighty Foremen

Introducing the yard bossmen. They run the show. They make sure things are on schedule and the work is being done to the highest standard.







The all-important Builders

The guys with all the knowledge, experience and skills combined. We rely on these guys to take charge when the Foreman is out and to help Apprentices on their journey to becoming better builders.



The keen Apprentices

The yard would be pretty quiet without these guys. They are essential to our team and bring a lot of energy, willingness and skill. They work under our more experienced guys to gain knowledge and skills on the job.






Our team is dynamic and efficient which reflects the work they produce. We’re proud of the craftsmanship they have and houses they create.

If you need proof of this, stop in at our showroom and we’ll happily show you around.