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Does your existing farm accommodation need some serious TLC?

Or maybe, you’re expanding your team and need extra accommodation.

Either way, the importance of housing your staff in a safe, warm and dry home shouldn’t be taken lightly. It will make all the difference in the type of staff you get and their ability to do their job well.

With the start of the new season fast approaching, now’s a great time to get your staff accommodation sorted.

If you’re looking at all your options, make sure to include a brand new transportable home on the list. And here’s why.


Attract better staff

A brand new home will have a huge draw card for staff taking a job on a farm. It could be the difference between them taking your job, or another farm that has a new, warm and dry house that they can call home.


Increase staff productivity

A person’s living conditions can make a huge impact on how comfortable and happy they are in life. By providing warm, dry and safe accommodation, it will help staff and their families feel more settled, happy and in good health.


Quick build turnaround

A transportable home has quick turnaround times as we don’t rely on contractors for the build. Our builders, tools and everything else we need are at our own yard which means less time travelling and waiting on all sorts of tradesman and more time building.



We understand that every farm has different requirements. We have worked hard on producing several plans that we believe can tick the boxes for what farm accommodation needs. However, if there’s something else that isn’t in one of our existing plans we can customise a plan to suit you.



The word gives it away. Our homes are built to be transported (obviously). Which means if the farm changes layout, or even circumstances change and you no longer need the extra accommodation the home can be moved to a different spot or even sold on.


Farm life can be tough. On mind and body. Setting yourself up with sortafter accommodation will not only attract the staff you want but it will help retain them for years to come.

We’d love to chat with you about your farm, and with our experience in dealing with other farms we’d be more than happy to make some recommendations if you’re not so sure on what you need.

Just give us a bell or flick us an email. Or, if you’re a Bay of Plenty local, pop in to our office in the Mount.

Pop in: 41 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui between 8am and 5pm weekdays or by appointment.

Phone: 07 572 0230