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You asked, so we are on our way!

Yes, that’s right, due to increasing demand for our prebuilt, transportable homes, we are excited to announce that Ezyline will be opening a new showhome and yard in Palmerston North later this year.

We will be setting up shop at our 4000sqm Tremain Avenue yard, where we will be building our homes, nice and close to some of our major suppliers.

Why Palmerston North?

– Our main office is based in Tauranga, but we also get a lot of enquiries from down the line. However, with distance comes cost – specifically the cost of moving our homes to you. Palmerston North is perfectly located to service the Central and Lower North Island, making our homes even more affordable and accessible for people in these areas. 

-We have heard that builders in the area are extremely busy, with long lead-in times. We are here to help.

Fieldays have taught us that people will travel great distances to view our homes, but soon they won’t have to!

-Our style of homes are a natural fit for the area. Prebuilt homes like ours are the perfect solution for farm accommodation, holiday homes, ski accommodation and second dwellings for family members or to generate a bit of extra income. The weatherboard-look also fits in seamlessly with many of the rural properties in the area.

Why Ezyline Homes?


Our homes are built on site at our yard, which means they are built in a controlled environment, with strict processes and management systems to ensure each and every one is completed to the highest standard. Our foreman is on site at all times to oversee the builds, every step of the way.


Our homes have a very fast turnaround – the build itself can take as little as 8 weeks. We can also start building your home in our yard while you complete Geotech and Council requirements. This overlap in construction and consent can save 2-3 months in time. 


Our yard is located close to trades and suppliers, which creates cost-saving efficiencies. Because we build everything at one site, there is very little wastage – what we don’t use on one build, we can use on another. And, being able to complete these homes so quickly not only saves time, but also money.

We can build on tricky sites

Unlike many affordable housing options, our homes are built on piles, rather than a concrete slab, which means they can be easily positioned on hilly or uneven sites. This is also generally a cheaper and less disruptive option. 

You save on travel costs

Remote holiday and rural builds, where trades and suppliers have to travel long distances, can clock up additional costs. And time lost to travelling is time not spent getting the build done. By building in our yard, the only travel expense you have is getting the completed home transported to your location. Our Palmerston North yard will reduce this cost further for people living in the Lower North Island.

Minimal disruption

Building a secondary dwelling or subdividing can be very disruptive to those living in the existing house, with hammers banging and tradies coming and going for months on end. Because our homes are built in our yard, you don’t get any of this. And once they are delivered, the site works can generally be completed within a month, compared to 4 months of disruption with a regular build.

Less work for you

If you are a developer we can halve your workload! While you concentrate on the resource consent process and site works, we build and deliver the houses one-by-one. This also saves time and speeds up your project considerably.

We have a variety of plans to suit your needs, which you can check out here.

See you in Palmy!