You are currently viewing Prebuilt homes – the easy way to invest

Looking to build a property portfolio? A prebuilt home can be an easy first step on the ladder. 

In the wake of COVID-19, more and more Kiwis are looking to spend their money ‘onshore’. And, with the current low mortgage rates and high demand for housing, we have seen a marked increase in both enquiries and purchases from first-time investors.

But, we appreciate that when you are starting out, investing in property beyond the home you live in can be a daunting prospect. Prebuilt homes are a great way to ease yourself in. Here’s why…

1. Cheaper

Prebuilt homes are generally cheaper than building onsite, as they come with less overheads, such as scaffolding, fencing and travel costs. We are also able to help you achieve cost savings by ordering materials in bulk, resulting in little to no wastage. And you know the costs from the outset, so there are no nasty surprises or budget blowouts. 

2. Faster

The quicker your build, the faster you can either sell the property, or rent it out. Our Prebuilt homes take on average 12 weeks to build, before being transported to site. This means less of a time lag, having to meet mortgage payments without the help of tenants, or a buyer. And our controlled yard environment means there are no rain-off days!

3. Easier

You don’t have to worry about managing a building site and multiple contractors, because the building takes place in our yard. The only things you have to worry about are:

  • Site plan drawings including positioning and drainage details
  • A building consent from your local authority (based on the site plan drawings)
  • A transport company to deliver the house to your site and complete the pile foundations
  • The connecting of utilities at your new site (e.g. phone, internet, power and water)
  • The finishing touches like decking, base cladding, carpet, fixed floor coverings, curtains or drapes, appliances, heat pump

We can put you in touch with people to help with all of the above – just ask! All in all, we reckon you’ll end up doing less than a third of the workload of a traditional build!  

4. Maintenance-free

If you choose to rent out your investment, it’s pretty much good to go. Our homes are of a high quality and they exceed Building Code standards. Being brand new, they meet all the requirements for a healthy home and they’re low maintenance.

5. It’s what people want

The ‘Quarter Acre Dream’ is no longer an aspiration for many people. Maximising house size has become more appealing than having a huge patch of grass to mow. Buying an existing property with a large, subdividable section is generally a cheaper way to buy land, and by the end you have two very marketable properties. 

Have we piqued your interest? There are lots of great resources out there to help first-time investors, including investor chat groups where you can gain useful insight and property calculators to help you do the numbers.

Property Investors Chat Group NZ and Positive Real Estate NZ are two reputable places to start.

And of course, here at Ezyline we’re also more than happy to sit down with you and offer you advice. We’ve had plenty of successful property investors come through our doors and we love sharing our knowledge.

We know what works, and what doesn’t, so feel free to get in touch and pick our brains!