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Many people struggle to decide whether they should build on-site or buy a new transportable home.

So we’ve put together this list of pros and cons to help you decide which option is right for you.

The Pros and Cons of Building Off-Site

Pros of building off-site

1.      Less disruption

Building off-site gives you two extra months of peace and quiet. There are no extra vehicles, builders or tradespeople coming and going, and you won’t feel any pressure to check on progress each day.

 2.      Less mess

You won’t have piles of building materials, tools and equipment lying around your section. Less vehicles movements also means less dust, dirt and mud to contend with.

 3.      More cost-effective

We build relocatable homes in our Ezyline yard and everything we need is right at hand. This saves you money because we don’t need to hire extra equipment such as scaffolding. And because our yard is nice and flat, you won’t face the extra costs involved in building on a sloping section.

 4.      It’s faster

Building off-site will typically cut 4 weeks off the entire building process. Once your home is delivered, it can be connected to all services within 10 days or less, ready for you to move in.

 5.      Fewer weather delays

Depending on where you live, building on-site can be disrupted by bad weather. In our Mount Maunganui yard there is no mud or snow whatsoever, and very little wind and rain to contend with.

 6.      Peace of mind

You can relax, knowing your house is being built and will be delivered on time.

Cons of building off-site

1.      Design restrictions

Prefabricated homes need to fit on the back of a truck to be delivered. So anything bigger than 120 square meters isn’t an option. Double story or L-shaped homes are also out.

 2.      Can’t watch progress

Because it’s being built remotely, you’re not involved in the construction process until the very end. Some people miss the excitement of watching their house take shape. We do, however, send regular picture updates and of course you’re welcome to visit our site to see your house any time.

 3.      Trust required

A new home is a big financial investment so you need to trust the building company you’re dealing with. Visit their site, see their work first-hand, and ask about their experience and history before you go ahead. It’s important to have a good relationship as you won’t be there to check on them each day.


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Happy building!