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Are you still waiting for the keys to your new home build? Many homeowners are playing the excruciating waiting game as covid decides to spin a spanner in the works yet again! Material costs are soaring through the roof due to the high demand and delivery delays. The costs of building are expected to increase as material costs become more expensive. Factories overseas that produce essential materials are falling behind furthering delays and some even closing due to Covid-19. Many people have been nailed down to signing contracts with clause agreements, where you may be expected to pay more money than originally stated.

It’s not all bad news! Ezyline homes are here to help get your feet inside an affordable home in this competitive market. Building with Ezyline means we pre-build your home and transport it to your site, which means you are saving on building costs, material costs and labour costs. Our homes need to be strong enough to make it from our yard to your site without any damage, so we reinforce our homes far beyond necessary for standard building – You can rest assured knowing that you are paying less for MORE! Our highly skilled and efficient team builds strong, sturdy homes that are everything you could ever dream of!

The Ezyline team building another quality home on our Mount Maunganui Yard

Ezyline homes are the best pre-built solution on the market! We install radboards in multiple places around the exterior of the home. These then turn into a bracing sheet that helps support the transportation of the home and acts as a double-bracing. Angle braces are also used on top of what is already required to ensure no faults and increase the strength of your home. We stiffen structures to prevent cracks during delivery by installing oversized lintels which run past the edge of the door. Insulation is essential in turning a house into a home. Everyone needs a warm abode to nestle up in. This is why we choose to go the extra mile to the expected insulation building codes and ensure all homes are well insulated. We want to help keep you warm and well, all year round.

No matter what sort of home you’re looking to build, we have a wide range of plans to work from to suit your style and your budget. You can start the process by checking out our plans here.

Ezyline homes offer solutions and certainty in an uncertain, expensive time for new home builders. If you have been holding off on a new home build due to the current circumstance, we highly encourage you to get in touch with our team today. We would love to talk you through our options and bring clarity to your concerns and queries. Call us on 0800 EZYLINE, or visit your local site: 55 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui or 667 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North.