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Our homes wouldn’t have the quality they have if it wasn’t for our superstar specialised tradies.

It’s this team of people who make the inside of our homes functional, homely and made to last.

Not to mention they bring a whole lot of personality to the yard, making it a productive, fun place to be.

To understand how we get our homes to the highest of standards, you need to meet our tradies and know their level of experience.

So read on below and meet our extended family, and when I say family, I mean family.

You’ll see why.


Evance Plastering

Lance has been working with Wallace and Ezyline Homes for over 20 years. Lance started as a painter but is now very much a specialised plasterer and is well known throughout Tauranga for his quality stopping.

And when Lance’s son, Tau, applied to be our carpentry apprentice, we knew we’d be getting the goods. And keeping it in the family is what we do.

Lance always arrives onsite with smiles and good chat. Then he gets right into the grind of stopping a house until it’s complete.

Lance is the ultimate professional. He never fails to check in with the project manager and painter a week later to ensure there are no issues that need his attention.

If you’re in need of an 11/10 plasterer, contact Evance Plastering on 027 457 9097.

Evance plastering


Delaney Plumbing

Delaney Plumbing is a father-sons combo. Once again, we’re ticking the family boxes.

Andy has been in the plumbing industry for over 30 years and his sons are following in his footsteps. After moving up from Wellington 12 years ago, Andy set up his plumbing company and now he’s basically a local.

You’d think with a father-sons combo you’d hear a few family bickers, but not these guys. They work together seamlessly and they’re a pleasure to have around onsite. Their friendly nature and dedication to their work is what we admire about them. Nothing is ever a hassle and they come at the drop of a hat.

To contact the Delany Plumbing family call Andy on 0274 970 490

Delaney Plumbing


Simpson Decorators

We get the pleasure of Shane’s company on site pretty much 100% of the time as he rolls on from one house to the next. In fact, he is so busy, the company has just brought on a new painter to help him out (that’s Liv in the photo), and as you can see from the picture Shane is pretty happy about having someone to help him out.

Shane has over 35 years’ experience and Simpson Decorators have been in business for over 15 years. So as you can imagine the standard of the paint finish is perfect. Shane is known as the Picasso of house painting and is one of the most diligent painters around. It’s a big reason our houses go out looking so prestige, we are lucky to have him.

For a perfect paint finish contact Simpson Decorators on 0274 339 122

Simpson Painters 1


Complete Electrical

Complete are just a stone’s throw away from the yard, so they’re super handy to us. Greg, the old(er) looking one in the photo has been working with Ezyline for over 10 years. And once again, we have a family connection in that Wallace’s nephew is one of their sparkies.

They have a force of electricians, which is great for us because they’ve always got one to send our way.

Contact Complete Electrical on 0800 237 835


Complete Electrical


Our team is what makes Ezyline’s processes efficient, cost-effective and of the highest standard of finish.

If you have questions about any of our processes, contractors, suppliers etc just give us a call. I’m always keen for a yarn.



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