You are currently viewing Why Property Investors Are Snapping Up Ezyline Homes

Now is a great time to own a rental property.

A shortage of homes and increasing demand means rental incomes are higher than ever.

But as any seasoned property investors knows, it’s all a numbers game. If a home costs a lot to buy or maintain, you won’t maximise your return on investment.

That’s why Ezyline is proving so popular. Property investors have been beating a path to our door this year – for three very good reasons:


1.      Price

We offer compact floor plans (60sq m – 120sq m), simple designs and excellent quality materials. That allows us to keep our prices under control and not get carried away with expensive features.

But if you want to add an ensuite or extend the living room, that’s no problem. We can boost your rental income potential while sticking to your individual budget.


2.      Low maintenance

Our hardy plank exteriors, aluminum joinery and coloursteel roofs are as durable as they come. A fresh coat of paint once every 10 years and the occasional wash is all the maintenance required.

Many landlords underestimate how much repairs and maintenance on older homes can cost.


3.      You can’t beat new

People love living in a brand new home. And you can often charge a higher rent than for a similar-sized old home!

Ezyline houses are double glazed, fully insulated and built to today’s standards. They’re warm, modern and ideal for prospective tenants.


Transportable homes make great rental properties

If you own a bare section or are looking to subdivide, Ezyline could be the perfect way for you to get into the property investment game. Contact me (Keith) today to see how we can help. Phone (07) 572 0230.