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Winter has a habit of throwing spanners in the works.

Things don’t go to plan, the cold, wet weather gets in the way and sometimes all you want to do is hibernate until summer comes around again.

We get it.

But don’t let winter put you off preparing for your summer. Because before you know it, the warmer weather will be here and you’ll wish you started on that winter project sooner.

And there really is no better time to build a prebuilt, transportable home than in these winter months.

Here are 5 reasons why.


#1 Ready for summer hosting

There’s nothing worse than getting into summer and thinking ‘I wish we’d thought about this sooner’. Then having to wait until next summer to enjoy it.

By starting the building project in winter, your prebuilt home will be ready in time for the summer hosting to begin.

You might need extra rooms to house the growing family, or want to have more visitors, or even replace an existing family bach. Whatever the reason, these things are a lot more in demand during summer.


#2 Better ground conditions

Although a prebuilt home can be transported and placed in winter, it can prove to have less effect on the ground when delivered in the dryer months.

By getting the home transported in summer when the ground conditions are warmer and dryer, it will have less impact on the ground. Your grass and surrounding area will bounce back a lot quicker and your home will look neat and tidy from the get go.


#3 Landscaping in summer is a lot more fun

No one wants to be out there in winter building decks and planting trees. It’s just hard work and miserable. By cracking on with a prebuilt home in winter, getting it delivered for summer means you can get stuck into the landscaping on nice warm, dry days.

We also tend to have more time up our sleeves in summer with the longer days and taking leave over the Christmas period. It gives you a good amount of time to work on the outside of your new, prebuilt, transportable home. Making it look fantastic in its new surroundings (just like the one below).




#4  No weather constraints

We are able to keep to set timeframes even during the winter weather. Because our homes are built on our yard with permanent, onsite tradies, we don’t have to manage subcontractors being put off by the bad weather.

And if the weather is severe we are able to work on other parts of the build which keeps things moving along.


#5 A fun winter activity

Generally, there is less going on in winter. Not as many social gatherings and more time spent inside avoiding cold and wet weather.

Instead of looking for a new inside hobby, you could have fun with a new project.

Even though we take care of the project build, you get to enjoy the super fun part. Choosing paint colours, fixtures and fittings, carpets, curtains, appliances etc. And if this isn’t your cup of tea (maybe you don’t have a design flair?), we have awesome experts on hand to lend their help.


More questions?

We’re just about at the point in the year where building and delivering for summer is spot on. Leaving it any later, things will start to get rushed and you may not be in there for the start of summer.

We completely understand that you’ll have more questions about building in time for summer so give us a call on 07 572 0230 and ask away.

We look forward to hearing from you.